H2 Fire

Cansu’s second product design experience was to achieve designing a product that lights fire without utilizing a ligher, a match or any kind of product that’s purpose is to light a fire. She began working on researchs for various primitive fire lighting methods including hand drill, two-man friction drill and pump fire drill. However she decided to explore chemical ways to light fire. In the end she applied the chemical reaction of zinc, ammonium nitrate, sodium chloride and water to light a fire.

H2 Fire box was inspired by rubic cube and was designed for camping, picnic or natural trips where you might need fire. It is made of plastic and alumide, and it comes with a kit. The top section consists of four rectangular parts. Three of them can store chemical powders. The kit comes with four bottles that contains water and reserve powder. When mixed with the water on the rubic bowl, powders produce fire. Nothing else is needed to make a fire if you have H2Fire!



February 22, 2016