Cansu Emine Goksu (born 1993 in Istanbul)

Exposé invites you to consider fabric and frame from three unexpected perspectives. It is an art work installation inspired by the key items of fashion and design. Red velvet and brass vintage frame playfully matches each other to highlight the fascinating value of simple tools.


Fashion, art and design are inseparable concepts. Expose is an art piece where two simple item from design and fashion meet and produce an indispensable powerful piece. Have you noticed that we never consider the picture frame as a part of thousand dollar art piece? Or we never think that the fabric itself could become the tableau. They both are assumed as tools of appearance or a shell.  Perhaps the frame could be the art piece itself, along with the harmony of red velvet. Red feels like love, desire, nobility, danger, freedom, excitement and aggressiveness. It has the power of reactive expression from which all the art movements born through a rebellion. And velvet reminds me of winter. It’s the season of retiring into oneself, and questioning life, nature and art before engaging into creation. Velvet never losses its nobility and soft feeling. From past until today it has always been fashionable and will never be separate from fashion. You may see my frame divided in 3 frame wearing a fascinating red velvet. My art piece has a story of  breaking the frame changing your perspective and make simple things valuable along with great tecniches and ideas. The inspiration in this artwork is not only the way how art borns but also the abstract concept of art. Instead of inspiring from an existing piece/product I define my project as a result of rebellion where a new art piece borns with the harmony of Fashion, Art and Design. The piece thoroughly reflects its name Exposé.

Design, Illustration