Elite Bed

Glissade is a new bedroom furniture experience that is entirely adapted to our current lifestyles and living spaces. The innovative bed frame offers freedom of creating your space based on your activities. The luxury function of Glissade combined with its aesthetic design will increase the quality of your time to the next level, by providing well-being and high-class experience. Glissade combines Elite’s expertise in craftsmanship and technology to enrich the relationship between the user and bedroom furniture.

The beauty of Glissade lies in its ability to entirely personalize your bed space, either by providing a personal space, separated from your partner’s area or, in the opposite way, by allowing you to enjoy a common experience with them.

Glissade gives you a unique possibility to personalize also your backrest and your side table enclosing a lamp and a plugging unit allowing you to charge all your electronics effortlessly. It can be placed in any location in your room, at the centre or pushed against a wall.

The base structure of Glissade is made of wooden oak frames with one of them being covered with beige Swiss wool. For the lamp and assemble details polished brass is used. With its selected materials, Glissade is highly sustainable and very environmentally friendly through its design.