BLEND is a glass that transforms from Turkish Tea glass to Italian Grappa glass. It consists of 3 multifunctional parts. These are grappa/tea glass, leg/spoon and base/plate (with respect to grappa and tea versions). The glass has a form that is both suitable for a hot tea with an authentic style and traditional grappa. It has a socket with magnet at its bottom. This section is covered with sprayed gold and chrome, and hence the magnet is hidden. The leg has a magnet on its topside, which fits into the socket and connects with the glass. The bottom side has a nut bolt end, which goes through the central hole of the reversed plate and bolted to form the bottom platform of the grappa glass.

Usually grappa glasses are straight mouthed but tea glasses are outwardly curved. To balance shot drinking and slow paced drinking mouth has the slope. This allows you to have a wider space between the glass and your nose.

Also since the plate has two indentations, the spoon with cylindrical form does not roll and stays intact on those indentations while carrying.

Avaliable in chrome brass and copper.





February 22, 2016